Welcome to DR Mermaids, below are frequently asked questions. Please note we will also answer any other questions you may have via our contact us form.

– What are the girls like, are they the same girls as in the photos?

Yes, all the photos on the site are 100% genuine and all the girls also have a great personality to match their stunning looks. You will receive the girl you select!

– How do I choose a girl?

You can choose your girl from our escort pages and book her for the dates you plan to come. They are first come, first serviced so please book as early as possible! There are many girls to choose from and more are being added all the time, so you could say you are spoiled for choice. Please email me for photos of girls who are too new to be posted online!

– If I book a girl, will she still be there when I arrive?

Yes, all our girls are full time and will be with us for the foreseeable future. You will receive the girl you select!

– What if all the girls I like are booked?

Please try to book as soon as possible to make sure that you can reserve your favorite girl! However, if she’s still booked anyway and your schedule is flexible, please select a different date that your girl is available. Alternatively tell us what type of girl you desire (e.g. Blonde, Brunette, Tall, Petite, etc.) and we will hunt for one which you will enjoy! We accept several new girls every month, lets find the perfect girl together! Please contact me so I can help you find the perfect match!

– Can I change girls and, if so, how much does it cost?

Yes, you can change your girl every day if you’d like and all you have to pay is their transportation costs, which are inexpensive. Our transportation cost is similar to the rate sheets posted in your resort but lower. Transportation prices are different for each resort and switching is subject to the resort policies, please contact us for more details. Also, some resorts require additional guest fees to make switching simple, which can be minimized if you intend to change girls from the very start and we plan that in advance.

– Do the girls all speak English?

Some speak excellent English and some are not so good – but all understand and speak basic English. Look on our escort pages for more details. The girls are eager to please so it’s easy to communicate with them. Also, all of the girls will have a (business) cell phone you can use for instant (and free) translations on the fly.

– When I arrive how do I get to my resort; do I make my own way, or will you collect me?

We will collect you from the airport with the lady of your choice, take you to the resort of your choice and get you both checked in. When it’s time to fly back home, we’ll pick you both back up and get you back to the airport at the proper time for your flight. Then we’ll start counting the days until you come back, we guarantee you won’t want to go!

– Do you organize flights for your clients?

No, sorry, you’ll have to organize your own flights; but most major cities worldwide have direct flights to Santa Domingo so they are fairly easy to book, whether on the internet or through your local travel agent. Several of our most popular connecting hubs include Miami, New York, San Juan, London, Paris, Panama and others.

– I’m ready to book, but unsure about payment. How do I pay?

You can pay either by bank transfer, Western Union or Money Gram (which you can pay via PayPal). All payment details are handled off-line and are secure and discrete. We are also happy to accept credit card payments through Western Union, there is no need to ever give your card information to us.

– Is a deposit required to book a holiday?

Yes, a deposit is required to reserve your rooms and girlfriend. The size of the deposit depends on the length of your stay, but the amount is always 1/3 (33.3%) of your package price. Naturally, this is a deduction from the total cost. The balance is collected when we meet you at the airport with your selected girl and check you both into your selected resort.

– Are couples or ladies, welcome?

Of course, couples and patrons who are ladies are the highlight of the year for many of our girls! There are no rate changes for a lady patron but couples incur additional resort room charges which amount to an additional $80 per day. This is a resort fee to register your companion into the “all-inclusive” plan, all of our prices are based on two people only.

– Can I have two (or more) escorts?

Of course, you can have as many ladies as you desire for as long as you want! Please email me for details, the sky is the limit here! Discounts apply on subsequent ladies, lets build the ultimate holiday harem!

– What happens if I form a relationship with one of the ladies?

This happens all the time! If you find yourself unable to part with one of our wonderful ladies, just let us know and we’ll be glad to help you bring her home. Our attorney will be happy to help you with any applicable visa requirements, but you must provide us with an invitation to your wedding!