Important Notice

Please be warned that the website is using our photos without permission.

You will not receive our ladies or services through them and we assume no liability or responsibility for that website or any others which are associated with them.If you are unsure about which offer is real, consider that only one website (ours) has photos which have the correct watermark for the website which presents them, that only one website (theirs) shows photos of our old girls who are no longer available, that only one website (ours) has photographs of the most recent girls to join our portfolio, that only one website (ours) updates it’s photos every month and that only one website (ours) has complete sets of photos including the most recent photo shoots.

Please contact us if you have been misled or if you are unsure whether photos on other websites may also be stolen. That happens to us a lot, unfortunately. Our girls are really beautiful so unsavory people sometimes use their photos to mislead others. Why do losers like to ride other people’s coat tails? Because they hope to steal some of the prestige and credibility of the service provider they impersonate. Losers won’t try to trick clients away from other losers, they only impersonate the best. That’s us!